A few thoughts… Sunil     



Giving Thanks...from my Vacation
I left home looking for Bliss

My face is my mirror

House with a Smile

My game of Life

We are One

Polluted Gaps

Everyone is born Happy 

Who is the Gift


Happy Valentine’s Day   

I see with


When the heart cries

Find my tranquility


I am always dreaming

I am right


Are we on a journey?

My conscious changes


Do I see myself?              

Does Matter matter


Raindrops are born pure

Why am I attached


I love Mother Nature

Meeting of the…


Its a Jungle in here

Absent isn’t present


My Friend

Magical Gap


Going for an Oscar

Modifier or Creator


Give and Get

Are we different


Personal Wireless

I need the Wind


I am a Snowflake

The unseen Quality


What Completes Me    Part II

Jeweler or Jewelry


Catcher or Creator

Friend or Friendship
Gateways without Gatekeeper


Water Bottle

A farm within a Farm


Happy Birthday

The original Portrait



In my own Car


When will I find calm

Diamonds don’t prove


My tree

Freedom from Seasons


Do I mind

A part or parted


A magic soap

Journey without baggage


Happy Independence Day!

When I found THEE


Do we make a difference

Subject or Objects


To know my friend

On a Beltway


Gimme Gimme Gimme
Same Wavelength

When am I awake

Three Hungry Stomachs

Outsource my friendship

Actors and Reactors