Give or Get?

A relationship with a friend
Is like a tree's relation with nature

A mutually symbiotic relation
Where we both live in harmony

Where we both give to each other
So we both can receive from each other

Is my relationship mutual?
And, how do I use my friend?

Do I listen to my friend?
Or do I like to hear myself?

Do I like it when I talk, and
Is this how I GET entertained

Does my friend like it when I listen, and
Is this how I GIVE entertainment to him

Or, do we do both: listen and talk
So we can both give and get entertained

What does that make me?
Am I a giver, or a getter?

Do I listen and
Do I also talk?

Do I Get?
Do I Give?

Do I GIVE and GET?

August 12, 2010 .more links