My Bodyís Driver


I have a body that cannot think
so, itís driven by my intellect

But between the intellect and body
I introduce a turmoil called mind

This is my wavering reason
that clouds my firm brain

My intellect cannot see my body
through this shrouded mayhem

I need to remove this perturbed mind
that flares up an agitated storm

As it creates a thoughtless blindness
and my intellect canít see my body

My body will not be able to move
towards my goals and destiny

Iíll be lost or get struck down
and will never reach my ambition

I need to tame this faltering mind
for my brain to see my brawn

To eradicate this restless agony
so I can drive in harmony

I want to connect the driver and body
so only I can be completely in control

To focus and see my destiny clearly
so I can reach it with my body, in 1 peace.


December 28, 2015††† Ömore