Are we on a journey?


Are we on a journey

Or are we still where we were?


Are we always on a move,

Or are we standing immobile?


Do we always have to move on, and

Is there really a place to move on to?


We are not on a journey

We are not moving!


When we are not in the present

Itís our thoughts that leave us and travel


They feel unwanted and hurt, and

They explore other means to feel useful


They think they can travel, and

They move to the past and to the future


They then feel lost and feel hurt again

And we get carried away by their journey


They uproot us from the present, and

They remove us from our own within


We either dwell in the past memories

Or we reside in the imaginary future


And when we realize that itís just a dream

We then feel that we need to move on


Forgetting that we had moved on with our thoughts

Away from our own self into a another world


Actually, we really need to stop moving on

And we need to stay firm within ourselves


We need to live in our body, in the present

And not move on with our thoughts on a journey


Because the present is called living, and

Wandering in the past and future is called moving on


So, pick what you would rather enjoy, and do,

Do you want to live, or do you want to move on?


March 4, 2010†† Ömore links