I am a snowflake


I am a snowflake

Just born out of the sky


Happily dancing and flying

Having fun with my siblings


We are all pure and clean

Floating down as if in a dream


People marvel at our descent

As we come down to earth


We were created by the same cloud

Chiseled with care to radiate beauty


We are all uniquely different

And none of us look alike


However, as we descend,

We gather impurities and dust


We also collide with each other

And change our individuality


As we land on earth, some stay intact

While some turn into water or ice


We become part of others

And others become part of us


But, some think they are still floating,

They dream they are not grounded yet


I will leave this earth one day

And rise as vapor to my abode


To return back as a snowflake

With a new identify, shape and form


Because, in reality,

I am the Cloud, and


I am a Happy Snowflake


                                                               August 31, 2010           …more links