It’s the time of the year
we buy gifts for others

We send flowers
and add chocolates

We wrap them with words
to express our appreciation

Feelings that express our relationship,
and tie it with warmth and affection

I receive gifts every day
when I meet my friends

I learn from their experience
and gain inspiration from their lives

Sometimes I thank them for their contribution
but often I don’t acknowledge their present

I collect this new found knowledge
and add them to my treasure of culture

These become my blocks
in a building called character

This is the wealth I now own
that I never had during birth

Thank you to all
for all the gifts I have today

Happy Valentine’s Day!

February 12, 2012            more


I also have another gift I was born with,
a gift of myself, which was given to me

I was created by the creator,
from the creator, and for the creator.

Who is the giver and receiver of me
when they are both the same?

‘Me’ the gift is a perception
of owning a fortune called myself?

A notion of ownership
that is identified as ‘I’

A belief that whatever is not I
is something other than me

An ‘I’ is a gift to please myself
the lack of which causes displeasure

Why do I give gifts
And why do I receive

When I am complete
And I am already all

I am the gift
and I am the presenter

February 12, 2012 more