When am I awake?

When am I awake
and when do I sleep?

I sleep when itís dark,
and I dream when Iím asleep

Itís dark when I close my eyes
and I drift into fantasy

Itís when Iím not aware
and when Iím not in control

When I donít know what Iím doing
and havenít a clue why Iím doing it

Iím in a pseudo word
Far away from reality

Itís when I donít have knowledge
of whatís happening with me

At times, I am in darkness
even during the day

Though engulfed in brightness
Iím not enlightened

I sleep even when
I think Iím awake

And Iím awake only
when I am in the Light

November 20, 2011†††††††††††††††††††††††† Ömore