Does matter really matter?

Is it matter that matters
or the form it is in?

Is it just the shape
that I consider?

Do I look at the same matter
in different forms, differently?

Or do I treat them equally
since they are the same

What form appeals me more
and why does it seem attractive

I need to look deeper
to see what really matters

To see beyond a form
so to know its creation

A form changes constantly
but matter stays constant

If two forms are the same
and their matter is different

then only matter matters
and the shape does not.

One day Iíll see the matter
before I see the form it is in

Iíll realize the same opus
in all forms and shapes

to visualize unanimity
and appreciate non-duality

to negate inferiority
and refute superiority

and neither under value
nor over assess a profile

Iíll see what really matters
And, in an era of antimatter

only The Matter exists, and
only The Matter matters!

June 21, 2012†††††††††††† Ömore