Subject or Objects


Some see what others can't

While others perceive what some don't


We all have the same potential

But we also have a differential


Although all our eyes are wide open

Some are awake and others havenít woken


Some can see clearly in the light

While others dream as though itís still night


It's knowing what we see with our eyes

A vision that some don't recognize


Wisdom confirms a single reality

While ignorance creates duality


I play this game of sleep and arise

As I lose darkness and gain sunrise


Since one sheaths the other,

I crawl out to discover


And find many layers of gravel

To dig out and to unravel


To fly high above the clouds

And rise above the shrouds


I want to firmly root myself up high

And forever abode above a dark sky


So one day I'll see only the subject

And not pretend that I am an object



May 3, 2014††††††††††† Ömore