A few thoughts…Sunil Rijhwani

Giving Thanks...on my Vacation

Our life span is measured by the amount of time we spend in our body

As time moves on from past to present, so does our body.

We call this short cruise in our body: "Vacation".

A Vacation that started when we were born, and it is still going on!

A Vacation to experience creativity in the form of places and people
Where we can either choose to smell the roses in the people we meet

Or we can experience the sting of their thorns, and interpret it as bitterness
And just like Souvenirs, we harbor these experiences of joy and sadness

We all started off on our vacation with empty bags
But since then, we have cluttered these bags with souvenirs from our vacation

The good souvenirs of knowledge elevate our vacation happiness
While the other souvenirs are just extra baggage that pulls us down

I'm thankful to all those people who gave me souvenirs
that make my vacation of life pleasant and enjoyable today

And for the baggage that makes my life miserable
only I am responsible for the unwanted weight I still shoulder

Having fun...and giving thanks...on my Vacation

...Thanksgiving Day, Nov 2009        …more