Me a Portrait


Me is a portrait

Painted by the Painter


It's an art that’s so unique

That it doesn't exist elsewhere


When new, I was admired by all

As a masterpiece exclusive


As time progressed

Many tourists visited me


They all had their own perception of me

And they starting labeling my image


I was covered with their labels

And I couldn't see myself


I forgot my own identify

And all I saw of myself were labels


I was a picture created by Him

But now I was portrayed by others


I stopped believing in me

As I hid under their labels


I couldn't see the light anymore

As I was darkened by labels


One day I’ll have the courage
to peel  off their labels


And remove the fear
To uncover my invention


I'll believe the Artist
and not the tourists


I'll see the creation
and not the perception


I'll restore my image as my original

And liberate the labels pasted on me


I'll be the unique portrait

Painstakingly created by the …Creator


May 6, 2013                    …more