A few thoughts…Sunil Rijhwani



My Game of Life:  Hide & Seek


Ever since I was a kid

I loved the game of hide and seek


The hiding part was easy, but it wasn’t fun

As I could just shut myself off in a room and no one would ever know


However, since I played the game to have fun

I enjoyed seeking the hidden friends and wondering what they would do next


Since I loved discovering what people could do next

As an adult, I still continue to play this game every day


But now, I have renamed this game as “The game of Life”

Where I seek fun in the creativity of my friends I meet everyday


It’s the amazing talent and the ability of my friends

That inspires me to continue playing this game


It’s the pure joy and the enjoyment of life

That motivates me to continue playing this game


A game, where the objective is to seek fun in our power of creativity,

And in our own ability to surprise us with the unexpected we can create next


A game, in which we seek inspiration in the hidden talents of our friends

And where, we can motivate others, by exuding our best to create a better life for us


Have fun playing this game with your friends

The last I counted, there were 6.5 Billion in this world.


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