Polluted Gaps

There is only one reality
But there are many perceptions

What evolution would befall
for fact to navigate to all?

To traverse the ignorant gap amid
So all can realize the concealed truth

To evaporate the clouded vision
and be firmly grounded in revelation

It's this vacuum of innocence
That creates a gap of differences

A perceived space devoid of truth
And a cavity filled with false notions

A free for all dump littered with beliefs
And polluted by human confusions

To contaminate the minds of the naive
And to lead the hearts of the misled

One day the smog will vanish
And then all will see clearly

Beyond the polluted space
unaffected by any notional gaps

To cherish the singular reality yonder
And to treasure the same purity within

February 10, 2015ááááááááááá ůmore