My Tree

I started off as a seedling
with no roots and branches

My early nurturing germinated as roots
that are now so deep that I live off them

The stronger my early learning beliefs
the deeper rooted are my cultured thoughts

This knowledge gives me a choice to act
with a new body that others can see

Every word that flows out of me
creates a wave of ripple effects

Every act of mine
Branches off a reaction

These flowing branches bear fruits
where I can see the colorful impact

I can either learn from my past acts
so I can create the right fruits

Or, I can see other trees
and learn from their actions

But once I act, Iíll have to support
the resulting branches that will attach to me

My thoughts and actions make who I am
and the reaction spreads around me

My fruits will seed other thoughts
long after Iím dead and gone

I must see my thoughts
before I make a choice to act

Or, Iíll see the branches, the fruits,
And a tree I built, called ME.

February 21, 2011†††††††††††††††††† Ömore