Do we make a difference?

What difference do we make in life
from the time we were made different

Are we creating something new
that didnít exist before

or, are we changing something
that was created by others?

Are we following a new concept
and will this make me different,

or are we performing a deed
that would change everything?

Does being different resolve issues
and are these solutions permanent?

I am not changing to be different
but I am reverting to be myself again

I realize what changed me since birth
and now I can drop the differences in me

I see what makes me feel different
than what I really am

I can now distinguish acts
that create a notion of being different

I want to see a difference
that doesnít make me feel different

I want to remove the difference
that makes us make a difference

I want to make a difference
so we donít create any difference

July 30, 2011 ††††††††† Ömore