Going for an Oscar

I am often not myself
when I am with others

I am habitually playing a role
when I inter-act with people

My role varies with every person
and my personality adapts to them

I switch masks as I meet others,
as I transform into multiple characters

I switch from being a friend,
to a neighbor, a child, or a parent

At work, I switch from an employee,
to a vendor, a customer, or a messenger

My roles make up my movie, and
they make me pretend its reality

The better I act my own part
the better I would create my movie

My acting portrays my behavior
and my movie projects my life

The better I behave with the world,
the bigger hit and successful will be my life!

My acts will fetch me the best reward.
Iím going for nothing less than the Gold

Iíll exude nothing but the best in me
I am going for the Oscar!

ÖJuly 31, 2010 Ömore links