Meeting of the …

We’re made of three layers
with which we meet others

Each layer uses its own identity   
to match with another personality

The body, customs its own uniqueness
to find other corporeal commonness

Knowing well of its exclusivity
Minimizing the odds of compatibility

Yet spending an entire life perceiving
that objects are means of fastening

The body covers another layer within:
The mind; which stays hidden under it

Its masked by a body cover
that hides its character

It finds many other minds
With similar opinions and emotions

Increasing the matching probability
of spotting an analogous entity

The mind is also a sheath
for a core affluence beneath

There buried is our real treasure
hidden under a pretend culture

Is the common consciousness,
a core surrounded by covetous

It matches the fortune in all beings,
a shared source for all existences

An unblemished meeting of the…

                                                            July 7, 2012                            …more