From Seeker to Seeing Her

Once I was a relentless seeker
In pursuit of joy in whatís out there
But those things kept changing
So I replaced old with new

But the new was also transitory
So I started to seek permanency
In quest for that, which didnít change
And that stayed eternal with time

A day finally came when I found Her
In the same things around and in me
Now itís time for me to see me
And to seek the same Her in me

A day will soon come
When both will be one
Then, I donít have to seek
Nor do I ever have to see

There will neither be a Her
Nor will there be a me
Knowing me is made of Her,
and by Her, and for Her

There is just me and Her
We are Nature and Mother
Me, the seen and Her unseen
Although in duality, we are Non-Dual

March 6, 2018††††††††††††††††††† Ömore