A Part or Parted

Am I a part
or am I parted?

I have one body
and I have one name

I have one heart
and I have one brain

I use these to attach
with my inner and my outer

How can I be part of others
and let them be part of me

when Iím already connected
and am part of the Whole?

The only way I can do so
is to recognize the Uncut

And that others are also part
of that Infinite Total

As I am permanently part
of the undivided non-dual

I also stay connected forever
with others as part of That

I canít split myself in parts, and
neither can I fragment the Complete

I match with other tangible parts
to pair with the Unmatched

Whether I associate with my inner
or with what I perceive as the outer

Either way I am bonded
and attached to only One !

December 8, 2013†††††††††††† Ömore