My seasons

I had three months of summer
An opportunity to feel life's warmth

A privilege to see the light
And to be in the learning stage

Now I will transition into autumn
Where I will see old life fall

And get buried in the ground
Only to nourish its root source

I'll then see a gradual coldness of reality
And Iíll prepare for a severe winter

That's when I will be tested
Based on what I learned in summer

When I will implement my knowledge
And practice how to live strong

The severe conditions will subdue
After I stand the test of time

This cold will also slowly wither away
After I brave the harsh storms

I'll gradually transition into Spring
And recover from my trial

And I will bury the past
When Iíll see new life blossoming

It will remind me of new beginnings
And I'll see hope for survival again

This will passage me to summer again
Where Iíll get refueled and ready

With new knowledge and warmth
Ready to face life all over again

A year will come when
My new knowledge will give me

Freedom from seasons, and
I wonít need to go through cycles

To achieve a state of mind
Thatís steadfast in its deep origin

August 24, 2013†††††††† ††††††††††† Ömore

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