I practice my life
guided by my conscious

However, I had no conscious
when I was born

It developed as I grew, and
as I was trained new concepts

My perceptions changed
as I was being cultivated

What I learned as wrong
I saw others do the same

And what I was taught as right
was termed wrong by some

My conscious has values
that are not the same as all

Everyone has a different conscious
that they refine as they perfect

We dis-cover knowledge daily
and un-cover a veil of ignorance

A stone-age conscious
does not exist today

And todayís conscious
may not be true in future

My education changes by age
and my awareness adapts in time

My knowledge adjusts my thoughts
and my thoughts revise my principles

My outlook transforms
and, along with it

My conscious changes itís mind


June 11, 2012†††††††† Ömore