Winter was cold and long drawn
with a canvas full of white snow

It buried old life deep beneath
that once shone before death

The sky was cloudy and grey
and kept the sun at bay

Life had turned gloomy
and turned hopes doomy

Then came the festival of Holi
that burnt the night with fervency

Melting away the winter animosity
while spreading warmth and amity

Old buried lives renewed
and painted the canvas red

Vibrant colors sprinkled the sight
as flowers danced in the light

The sun shone and enlightened
the ones who were insentient

Despair turned into joy
as darkness thawed away

Life turned sweet and merry
with a bite of edified Tel Poli !

áááááááááááááááááá áááááááááááááááááá March 21, 2019 ůmore