A miracle bar that cleans my body
to wash away all dirt attached to it

It removes all the external things
that clung to the body that day

A daily cleansing process
to rid anything that polluted it

It makes my body pure again
just the way it was designed

Is the body the only thing
that I contaminated today?

Did I also taint my mind
with all worldly concepts?

Is my mind still as it was originally?
Or is that covered with dirt too?

Is there a magic soap
that can remove dirt from my mind?

To spend a few minutes daily
and get back to my original self?

To cleanse my mind every night
so I wake up pure every day?

I hope I can find a shower to jump in
and a soap to cleanse my mind

To rid all notions and false values
that I perceive as superimposed  

I want to be myself again!

June 26, 2011              …more