If life is a journey
and we are the travelers

Then whoever created this gear
Gave us a vehicle to steer

Along with the body He also
gave us a mind full of baggage

The objective is to drop all luggage
before you reach your end

And if you pick up new bags
then you need to get rid of that too

If you still have some left
at the end of the ride

Then your next voyage starts
and you carry forward your leftover

The less you carry onward
the higher you will fly

The heavier the baggage
the lower you will tread

And finally when you drop all
you will be detached and free

and soar way up like an angel
and show others how to fly

Everyone comes with a baggage
as you canít have a journey without one

And you canít have a journey
if you donít have baggage

Enjoy the ride
and not the baggage.


January 2, 2014††††††††††††††††††††††††† †††††††† Ö.more