When will I find calm?

When will I find calm?
Will I ever find it?

Will I know when I find it
Or, will it know to tell me so?

Does anyone know when?
Does anyone recognize calm?

Is it a very quiet surrounding, or
Is it an extremely serene mind?

Is it a treasure that I can hold
or will I lose it after I find it?

Calmness is a desire
That I crave for everyday

A hunger that stays in turmoil
unless its fed and satisfied

For which I have to hunt
to discover a meal

I’m a prey looking for a victim
with a quest for a feeling of gain

A cannibalistic nature to pleasure
To content one by killing the other

I have to nourish my yearning
For an addiction I need to please

To fulfill this voracious appetite
I have to first identify calm

I then have to find it

                                                          February 13, 2011  …more