Whatís stirring my pot?
And whoís stimulating it?

It was an empty pot
when I first received it

I filled it with everything I saw
and starting cooking up needs

I donít like it empty
and I keep filling it up

And when itís full
I start emptying it

Itís my satisfying it up
and draining it down

That stirs my pot
and shakes things up

My pot is my mind
which was tranquil

But now itís on fire
brewing up my potion

With my new wants
and ridding of the old

A voracious appetite to survive
and an addiction to endure

A hunger for unwanted
and a desire for surplus

A never sleeping stomach
that agitates my mind

I need to rest my pot
to find my tranquility.

May 3, 2012††††††††† Ömore