Itís a Jungle in here



Itís a Jungle in here

And we have to face it daily


Itís a matter of survival

And itís an adventure to grow


Whether we grow into a budding genius

Or whether we flower into a blooming idiot


Our blossoming will spread a fragrance

Of either Knowledge or Ignorance for all to smell

The aroma of knowledge will sharpen our intellect

And the odor of ignorance will dull our minds


The sharp intellect will cut through obstacles

And the dull mind will entangle itself with problems


Collect the right tools and keep them sharp

Discard the blunt ones and keep them afar


In this jungle of obstacles and entanglements

Prepare the daily trek to face new obstructions


The odor of Ignorance and dull tools

Will bury us under the weeds of problems


The scent of Knowledge and sharp tools

Will cut open a free path for a joyous journey


June 19, 2010†† ..more links