Water Bottle

Am I the water in the bottle
or am I the bottle holding the water?

What do I see
through my prismatic bottle?

And what do others see
through their bottles?

Do I see colors and shapes
That arenít really there?

Am I my beliefs, notionsand culture
or do these shroud who I really am?

Am I hiding under a mask of notions
Pretending that Iím my mask itself?

Are others covered with their own beliefs
and is my mask looking at other masks?

Is my culture veiling my eyes
to perceive masks as reality?

Are we all the same
under different covers?


Since I see others through covers
I portray everyone different

The covers give all a unique identity
to pretend to be different than others

One day Iíll find a mirror
to see myself through my covers

Iíll uncover the veil over my eyes
And see others through their masks

One day Iíll start seeing clearly:
The water and the bottle

October 10, 2010†††††††††††† ,,,more