Do I know my Friend?


Do I really know my Friend

Or am I just familiar with what He does?


And does that enlighten me

And show me what reality is?


When he tells me who he thinks he is

Does that make him what he thinks?


I hear what he says

And I see what he does


I observe what he creates

And I watch what he destroys


My Friend is made up of two parts

One that I see and the other that I donít


And these together

Make him one entity


The part I see is what I know

And whatís unseen is unknown


I perceive that reality is

Only what I can understand


And what I see and hear

Is the only fact that Iíve realized


I want to see my Friend

Beyond what I can observe


I want a visual of the invisible,

the hidden reality, that is also him


I want to know my Friend

So I can know the Truth


August 7, 2011†††††† Ömore