House with a Smile

The mind is like a house
that you build on earth

Houses endure harsh climate
just as all minds weather

Every house is subject to rain
for which you need a smart top

And to be stable during quakes
you need to stand up firmly

To face the hot blazing situations
you need a conditioned interior

To prepare for the dark nights
you need your own inner light

To deafen yourself from outside noise
you need to hear your own silence

To be grounded from floods
you need deep rooted values

To beautify your inner environment
you need to create a freedom

so you're seated contentedly
And watching life's television.

Irrespective of the turbulence outside
The inside stays quiet and peaceful

And that strong unperturbed state
is what brings a smile to your face.

This curve on your face
is happiness of the mind !

                                                            January 11, 2015                             …more