Catch or Create


Are you a catcher?

Or are you a Creator?


Do you enjoy what others pitch at you?

Or do you marvel at what YOU radiate?


1 Catch: A builder builds a cold House

2 Create: Life warms it into a Home


1 A factory makes an automobile

2 You make it a car


1 The Creator creates your body

2 Sculpting it, is in your vision


1 The Supreme bestows you a brain

2 Your intellect teaches you a purpose


1 The heart arrives with your body

2 But love forms when your care


1 You’re always around new people

2 But friendship, it’s born with trust


1 A job, others can offer you

2 A career, is what you build


1 A father or mother, one can become

2 But a parent, only the able can


1 A breathing life, you are given

2 Making it lively is in your drive


1 Death, you will face it one day

2 Immortal memory, is how you live


1 Taking from others, one can do

2 Giving to some, only a few learn


1 Loving one self is painless

2 To spread joy, requires a Smile J

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